Operational Joint Assured: Genesis Chemical Tank Containers LLC

Assured’s Name:  Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics LLC

Policy of Insurance:  72683 / 2023 / 001

Policy Commencement:  01 August 2023

Account Year Commences on:  01 August each year

Review Date:  31 July 2024

TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited

This is to confirm that the above named Assured is presently insured by the above named Association under the above mentioned Policy of Insurance in accordance with the standard Insurance Clauses of the Association for the Cover stated below (a copy of which is available on request) and the terms and conditions of the Assured’s insurance against the following principal risks:

Transport Operator Cover

ClauseReferenceLimit (Each Accident)Combined Annual Aggregate
T1Cargo LiabilitiesUSD 2,500,000 
T2Errors and Omissions LiabilitiesUSD 250,000USD 250,000
T3Third Party LiabilitiesUSD 1,000,000 
T3Third Party Liabilities (Carrying Equipment Only)USD 5,000,000 
T4Fines and DutyUSD 250,000USD 250,000
T11Carrying EquipmentUSD 1,000,000 

The following principal deductibles apply each Accident to claims under:

Clause T1   USD 1,500
Clause T2USD 1,500
Clause T3USD 1,500
Clause T4USD 1,500
Clause A11USD 1,000

If Clause A11 (Carrying Equipment) is stated above as applying, insurance includes War Risks and Strikes, Riots and Terrorist Risks in accordance with the provision of that Clause.


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